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warm up before the photoshoot ... literally (erotic story) MORE on OnlyFans or Patreon

................. I’m scrutinizing my curves, my huge, perky breasts, my wide, round hips and flat tummy. My nipples get firm as I slowly massage them with my warm hands. I‘m watching my face expressions as my lips part and I make a quiet moan. I’m horny. Is it right that I feel so aroused that I can’t help touching and feeling my body ? Such a toxic combination of memories, lust and physical sensation, I let go of what seems right, and allow my indulgence to wash all over my body with such a strong sexual urge. My hands linger slowly over my neck, my inner thighs, my butt cheeks.. They wander all over my overheated thick body. My feeling swells as I start to twitch with increased desire. I allow my touch to focus clearly on my clit............................................. Subscribe to OnlyFans or Patreon to read the whole story , both links available on home page

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